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Javonntte – The Musical Stylings Of…….


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NDATL Muzik continues with Musical Stylings of….. Javonntte rarely seen but often heard this talented artist has toured with Aretha Franklin, been featured on tracks with Andrés, Amp Fiddler, Blake Baxter & has had some very rare and sought after releases on now defunct label Noveau Riche. Now he returns to Detroit his track based roots for a dancefloor stompin 12″. We start with Keep Bouncin’ which say it all in the title with a very familiar sample, Chaka’s Revenge will have them screaming for more. The B side he gives us My Life very reminiscent of early Prescription days and rounds it off with heart strokin tune These Words that should easily capture the ears of your constituents! So press play and dance to the Musical Stylings Of…….